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Hey there all you fucking intellectuals... - Still the yellow dart... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
MM2(SS) Brown, ELT

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Hey there all you fucking intellectuals... [Nov. 20th, 2010|09:44 am]
MM2(SS) Brown, ELT
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"Bastards... You'd think the goddamn exams was the be-all end-all of existence... The cosmic life-force or something.
Can't even say a few decent words to a guy... The bastards... What a bore... Take some bennies and stay up all night with your face stuck in a bunch of books and your thumbs up your ass... Yes... yes... I remember the time when it was all very inspiring and enlightening... all this history and literature and sociology shit... You think learning is a really big thing and you become this big fucking intellectual and sit around trying to out-intellectual all the other big fucking intellectuals... you spend years and years with your nose buried in these goddamn tomes while out there the world is passing you by... and all the stuff to see and all the kicks and girls are all out there... and ME, a writer ad a poet who should be having adventures and experiencing all the diversities and paradoxes and ironies of life and passing over all the roads of the world and digging all the cities and towns and rivers and oceans..." - Fritz the Cat

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